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  • Revision:1994 Edition, December 1, 1994
  • Published Date:December 1, 1994
  • Status:Active, Most Current
  • Document Language:English
  • Published By:SAE International (SAE)
  • Page Count:342
  • ANSI Approved:No
  • DoD Adopted:No


    This text was written as a reference for personnel responsiblefor purchasing, maintaining, and operating vehicles for state andlocal government agencies, school districts, universities, andprivate companies. Current information on alternative fuelstechnology, legislation, vehicle conversions, fuel properties, andrefueling equipment is included. Alternative fuels legislationconsidered to be representative of state law is included in theform of law enacted by the State of Texas. The federal Clean AirAct Amendments of 1990 and the Comprehensive National Energy PolicyAct of 1992 are also discussed in relation to their impact on theuse of alternative fuels. A review of basic engine performance andterminology is also presented. This review provides the reader withthe basic foundation of engine technology necessary to fullyunderstand the material presented in later chapters. An overview ofcost benefit analysis relative to the alternative fuels conversiondecision is included to assist the reader in determining theeconomic viability of adopting a particular fuel. Refuelingfacilities necessary for the various alternative fuels aredescribed. Vehicle conversion hardware and procedures for bothspark ignition and compression ignition engines are discussed and alist of vendors is provided. A glossary of terms relevant toalternative fuels is also included.

    This book can be used as a reference and as text for alternativefuels instruction. The information presented here was originallyassembled for use in a series of seminars on alternative fuels andis intended to provide