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  • Preface

    The vitality and economic growth of the United States is linkedto affordable transportation. In comparison to most countries, theUnited States is sparsely populated, and when development ispursued it assumes ready access by highway vehicles. Theavailability of good roads and inexpensive fuel made possiblelarge-scale freight movement by truck and facilitated the abilityof everyone to see the country by car. The decade of the 1960s wasone of the most productive in U.S. history due in part to athriving automotive industry and inexpensive petroleum fuel. Thisfortuitous situation came to a rapid end in 1974 when theOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) dramaticallyraised the price of crude oil. The resulting increase in fuelprices caused auto sales to decline and, in large part, induced along period of slow growth and inflation in the United States.